Spring Tweet Capture Shortcut

Updated 11072022-144814


Detailed/customizable Tweet data retrieval/archiving with Spring for Twitter's actions.

As configured at install, this shortcut saves all available data from Spring for Twitter's Get Tweet action in three separate locations:

Custom Dictionary Default Layout

  1. The formatted (HTML-ish) content of the Tweet + its author's @, time of publication, and public URL are appended to a file at the root of one's iCloud Drive folder called, simply, tweets.txt.
  2. A custom dictionary of all available parameters (formatted in the order you see in the screenshot embedded above) is stored in Data Jar by Tweet ID at a key path chosen at installation.
  3. Formatted text along with the plain JSON text of the dictionary is stored in a new note in Apple Notes, in a folder specified at install. (You can leave that selection blank to store new notes in your default Apple Notes folder.)

Spring Tweet Capture Shortcut Results

See example results in the form of this shared Apple Note and/or this GitHub Gist.