Fediverse Report Archive


2023-02-12: Sunday Readings: some historical context
2023-02-10: Last Week in the Fediverse, ep 5: 🧙
2023-02-03: Last Week in the Fediverse, ep 4: ⚡
2023-02-01: Small tech
2023-01-29: Sunday readings: reflections on the web
2023-01-27: Last week in the fediverse, ep 3: 🍎
2023-01-25: Experiment over; FT Alphaville shuts down Mastodon instance
2023-01-23: The Verge as a #Mastodon instance
2023-01-22: Groups in the #fediverse
2023-01-20: Last week in the #fediverse, ep 2
2023-01-18: Tech for the #fediverse, news and grab bag of tools
2023-01-16: An assortment of thoughts by Medium CEO Tony Stubblebine on #Mastodon moderation and policy
2023-01-15: Community discussion around search continues; Searchtodon shuts down
2023-01-15: Sunday readings: analysis of the #fediverse,
2023-01-14: Last week in the #Fediverse, first edition
2023-01-14: Pinafore, a web client for #Mastodon, is retiring
2023-01-13: Cloudfare is building Wildebeast, a hosted #fediverse server that is compatible with #Mastodon
2023-01-12: Searchtodon, a private timeline search for #mastodon released
2023-01-12: Vast majority of large accounts on #Mastodon stay active, data analysis shows
2023-01-12: #Medium embraces #Mastodon, will create “sign-up with Medium” option for Mastodon
2023-01-12: Elk, a #Mastodon web client, releases in public alpha
2023-01-12: Medium creates own official #Mastodon instance
2023-01-11: Free Software Foundation Europe launches initiative to promote sovereign communication in the public sector
2023-01-10: Mastodon is hiring for two new positions
2023-01-10: Browser extension Mastodon Air available for testing
2023-01-10: Creater takes down Fediverse Almanac API after critique
2023-01-09: Fediverse Almanac, an API for the Fediverse, released
2023-01-07: The Guardian: "Elon Musk drove more than a million people to Mastodon – but many aren’t sticking around"
2023-01-07: Automattic CEO re-comits Tumblr to implement ActivityPub
2023-01-07: Patreon update by the Mastodon organisation
2023-01-05: Ex-twitter designer Paul Stamatiou discusses Mastodon and decentralized networks in high detail
2023-01-04: Techdirt: Journalists (And Others) Should Leave Twitter. Here’s How They Can Get Started
2023-01-03: Eugen Rochko says Mastodon is considering quote posting
2023-01-03: Mastodon has reached 9 million users
2023-01-01: Welcome to the Fediverse Report


2022-12-31: Shuttlecraft, a federated tool for self-hosting a microblog, released
2022-12-31: Mastodon releases public development roadmap
2022-12-31: Pixelfed releases Android app APK
2022-12-30: Ars Technica: Mastodon—and the pros and cons of moving beyond Big Tech gatekeepers
2022-12-28: Mastodon rejects VC funding
2022-12-25: Soapbox releases version 3.0
2022-12-21: Statement by PeerTube about study on PeerTube use by right-wing extremists
2022-12-21: Reddit AMA with Eugen Rochko
2022-12-20: Statement by Mastodon on the suspention of links to Mastodon on Twitter
2022-12-13: PeerTube v5 : the result of 5 years’ handcrafting
2022-12-07: A blog by Open Collective on community financing for Mastodon
2022-12-07: A Creator of ActivityPub on What’s Next for the Fediverse
2022-11-28: The New Stack describes how developers are rethinking social networking on the Fediverse beyond Mastodon
2022-11-21: Indepth dive into the architecture of Mastodon
2022-11-21: Automattic (Tumblr, Wordpress) CEO Matt Mullenweg announces support for ActivityPub coming "ASAP"