On Drafts' Mail Integration

Updated 09082022-093318

Send2Self Example in Mail

One of Drafts' most immediately apparent advantages as a native iOS/iPadOS/macOS application is readily found in its integration with Mail. Though I've personally managed to almost escape my twenties having yet to endure an email-heavy job, I still find the practice of sending topical/sacred information to myself to be the upmost reliable and direct means of retrieving it.

As I've configured it, within Drafts on any of its 3 platforms, all I need do is press ^M to have the text of the current Draft sent instantly to an iCloud Mail alias I use for such things.

If I were sending to more folks than just myself on a regular basis, I'd definitely make use of Drafts' Mail Action Wizard to help simplify and solidify the process of creating a dedicated action, which almost certainly would not have the Send in Background toggle selected, as demonstrated, for the sake of giving myself a preview of outbound messages to... important folks.


The parameters of the Mail action step can be filled with any combination of items from the original Drafts template tags array or from the relatively new set of mustache

`[tags]` -- [latitude]∆[longitude]-`[date|%m%d%Y-%H%M%S]`  
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The current version of my personal Send-to-Self action sent this example result using the above format.

If you'd like, you can wrap the [body] tag (or any part of the message, actually) in %% and select the Send as HTML toggle to have the result rendered as HTML. (See this example.)

For more details, see the official 'Sending Mail with Drafts' Integration Guide.